For Le miroir de Claude, a duo show with Julien Saudubray , Thomas Depas exhibits a series of works that challenge our understanding of what is man-made. He blurs who was in control in producing the objects, machine or artist. And what was at the origin of these collaborative processes? A spirituality, a higher force luring over each piece, tracing parallels between this voguish question and perhaps our most ancient one.

The sculpture is inspired by image recognition squares and their captions, the drawings of computer-generated images have been produced by a robot, the marbles and the mirror engraved by mechanical devices with faces generated by AI or a computational graph representing bodily statistics.

Through his objects, Depas offers us an experience in which his ongoing research and use of AI materializes: At MAAC we enter into an oneiric landscape loaded with strange emotion in which man and computer have melted into each other. Authorship is shared and questioned and images are fluid and constantly morphing. The strength of this artist being his ability to operate as engineer and poet simultaneously and his minimal yet powerful esthetics, which always flirt with the sacred.


N. R.